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CBC Toronto 2011

CBC Ottawa 2011 

CTV Ottawa 2011

CBC Toronto 2011

A Morning 2011

CTV Barrie 2012

Rogers Ottawa 2011

Accessibility in Action

Toronto 2012

Focus Montreal 2013

 CTV Ottawa 2013 

Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Award

CTV Moncton 2013 

 CFQC Saskatoon 2014

 News-clip is not available

 CBC Regina 2014 

 CTV Regina 2014

 CBC NFLD 2015

CBC Toronto 2011

 CTV Ottawa 2017


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CBC Radio with Ashley Burke Ottawa 2011

CBC Radio with Stu Mills

Ottawa 2011

CFRA Radio

Ottawa 2013

Interview is not available

CBC Radio with Jonna Brewer

Moncton 2013

CBC Radio with Sue Smith

Montreal 2013

CBC Radio with Dan Kerslake

Regina 2014

CBC Radio with Todd O'Brien

NFLD 2015